The life of Abraham

A series of sermons preached at
Twickenham United Reformed Church

I don't claim to be a great preacher, or even a good one, but as a member of Twickenham United Reformed Church I occasionally led worship, and in my latter years I generally followed a theme of my own rather than preaching on the lectionary readings for that Sunday.

This series on the life of Abraham was delivered in 16 parts between 1998 and 2002. I made a deliberate decision not to skip any of the Bible narrative, instead tackling the more difficult passages. If you find something helpful here, that's good, but I am sure many people have done much better.

The texts published here closely follow the original sermon manuscripts with some editing to improve readability. When delivering the sermons I tended to extemporise the ending, thus the rather terse finish in some of the manuscripts. References to dates and times have not been updated.


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